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First Preview of Zato at Apps World San Francisco 2014

Last month, we attended Apps World San Francisco. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s like a free app convention with kind of a mini game convention going on … Read More


Why your gameplay tutorial sucks and your users are confused and hate you

For a little over a year, we’ve been working on our first mobile game, Zato. We haven’t really blogged or told many people about our game yet, so bringing it … Read More

You got a star!

Thoughts on the ‘win imperative’ and reward systems in video games

I’ve asked this question before, but let me do it again: why do we play games? As I’ve previously addressed, fun can take many forms, but as others have written, … Read More

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‘Competition’ in the mobile video game market

Over the last few years, mobile platforms have become something like a new frontier for game developers. This is great for some reasons, but not so great for others.  Among … Read More

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The (im)morality of pay-to-win games

Freemium with micro-transactions seems to be the the direction the game industry is headed, as virtually every mobile game developer is now adopting it. In case you’ve somehow missed this trend, … Read More


Types of fun in video games

Why do people play video games? Most people would answer, “because they’re fun.” While that is a fairly adequate answer, fun is an imprecise word. Why are games fun? Why … Read More

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Hello, we’re Homunkulus

This is the official kickoff of the Homunkulus website and development blog *fanfare.* I’ve been told development blogging is where it’s at, and that one of the biggest marketing mistakes … Read More