Hi! We’re Homunkulus.

We are some dudes who make video games. After graduating from college, we decided the only way to get started with a career in games is to… well, make games. We have been a startup indie video game company since January of 2013. We’re currently based in the North San Francisco Bay Area (wine country), and are hard at work developing our first and second Android and iOS games, which should both be ready for release in the later part of 2013.

Are video games art? We think they certainly can be. We’re doing our best to further the spread and influence of artistic gaming, a la Chrono Trigger, Limbo and M&Ms Kart Racing. We operate on four pillars of game design: quality, accessibility, originality and depth. We’re trying to appeal to core gamers (our kith and kin), as well as those less 1337, but equally deserving of fun.

Feel free to talk to us about anything. We’re generally pretty nice.

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