Zato - Mobile Slashing Game for Android and iOS

Zato is a mobile slashing game that revolves around a nameless blind swordsman, who uses his finely tuned peripheral senses to his advantage in battle. Players will fight their way through hordes of enemies, and learn powerful techniques to guide the lone swordsman in his conquest against evil.

The game is seen through the eyes of a blind swordsman – as such, your screen is black by default. Although you cannot see your enemies, your heightened peripheral senses allow you to sense incoming attacks before they are made (visually represented by different colored ‘slashes’). By swiping across incoming attacks using a variety of gestures, you execute defensive maneuvers to deflect attacks and subdue your opponents.

Zato is simple enough for casual gamers to pick up and play, but has deep gameplay mechanics that allow for core gamer strategization and customization.

Coming early 2014 for iOS and Android.

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