Homunkulus Logo

Hello, we’re Homunkulus

This is the official kickoff of the Homunkulus website and development blog *fanfare.* I’ve been told development blogging is where it’s at, and that one of the biggest marketing mistakes startup game companies make is not building a community around their games while they’re working on them. Seems to make a certain amount of sense, sooooo here goes.

Homunkul- what?

We are a very young indie game startup based in the North SF Bay Area. You have never heard of us because up until earlier this year, we didn’t exist. No we don’t have any cred in the games industry, indie or otherwise. We have virtually no cred whatsoever, other than that we made it through college *high fiving ourselves.* That doesn’t really matter to us at this point though; we are serious about this business, we are serious about games, and we’re going to revolutionize the world one game at a time, even if it kills us. Or something like that.

We named ourselves after the Faustian character (no, it is not a Full Metal Alchemist reference – good series though). If you haven’t read any Goethe, do yourself a favor and check it out (Homunkulus comes from Faust II). Yes, it makes for very dense reading, but it’s quite profound and enlightening. Anyway, as pretentious as this paragraph may or may not seem, we feel the Homunkulus character represents us, our ideologies, aspirations and inspirations.

If you’re into indie games, mobile games, games in general, Chrono Trigger, Goethe, bats, frogs or cats with tiny hats, get in touch! We love making new friends. We have a lot to learn about this industry, and maybe eventually we’ll have something to teach as well.

We’re going to post to this thing frequently about what we may or may not be doing while we make our games. Bear with us while we figure this blogging stuff out.